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The creative plug-in system. Get started, experiment and learn.

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All starts with Fröbel. A model for the future taken from the past

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Heroes of the climate

Five heroes of the climate try to save our planet together with the children.

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Painting Pictures

For our products we work with great illustrators and draftsmen. We are happy to provide you with the well-known charact...

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Handcrafting Fun

Crafting promotes creativity and motor skills in children. From us you get first craft ideas to the products in additio...

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Get hands-on and learn! We have put together many experiments for you that you can recreate with the children. This is ...

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Nature and children
Why are zoos important?
Climate change in the Arctic

Painting Pictures:

Painting Picture: 6 x Acrobatico
Painting Picture: 3 x Banditti
Painting Picture: 2 x El Gecko
Painting Picture: 12 x Happy Magic
Painting Picture: 2 x Little Village
Painting Picture: 3 x Monkey Rallye

Good to know:

Nature and children
Discover the world!
Why are zoos important?
Climate change in the Arctic