Save our planet

Save our planet | Make it a better place.
We all can be climate heroes. One of the dominant topics of the current generations worldwide is the rapidly advancing climate change. The poles are melting, animal species are becoming extinct, etc. The effects are already being felt.

How can we already teach our children to reduce the extent?

“SAVE OUR PLANET“ is a product line that is all about strengthening the holistic protection of the earth. Thus, the range will continue to grow around this in the future. We want to convey: Although I am a small child, my actions have a big impact. I am a small, big climate hero.

Five climate heroes set out to save the world together with the children!

Our earth needs strong heroes

Billy Bee

helps to protect species.

Wanda Racoon

is a real everyday hero.

Paul Penguin

stands up against global warming.

Foxy Fox

saves the forest.

Tina Turtle

protects the oceans.

HUMANICO "Waste separation"
How do I separate waste?
Joe's Zoo
Count and feed the animals!
Mr. Bubbles Starfish
The big cuddling friend!
Now the ice ist melting!
What can I do
Be a small, big climate hero!
Cooperation & donation projects

klimafairein leads projects in schools and daycare centers focused on climate and environmental education. beleduc would like to support it donating an amount for each item sold from the SAVE OUR PLANET series.