Mormels & Peppers Monster World

Step inside and discover the magical world of the monster families "Mormels & Peppers". While the Mormels live underground and play counting from 1 to 10 with you, the Peppers live in a house with 100 rooms! But don't worry, they won't get lost, because each one has a special code...

Calculating like a monster

The Mormels & Peppers Monster World is a well thoughtout concept that reflects the colourful and diverse nature of children. The monsters in this world are named after numbers and multiplication and the home of the Mormels & Peppers is the island of Mamopi. While the Mormels are mainly concerned with addition, the Peppers are all about multiplication. The Mormels & Peppers Monster World helps children not only to learn maths through play, but also to understand it. The concept of the Mormels & Peppers Monster World is based on a multi-sensory method. The maths is integrated into stories and pictures, so that different senses are addressed at the same time and what is learnt can be better anchored in the brain. While the children playfully immerse themselves in the magical world of Mormels & Peppers, they learn maths at the same time.

The products of the Mormels & Peppers Monster World:

Mormels "Grottino"
Feed the little monster!
Mormels "Numbers"
Fun with numbers like a monster!
Peppers "Matogo"
Here comes the math monsters!
Peppers "XXL Magnet Poster"
Ideal for primary school
Toy designer Petra Jenni-Furrer

Petra Jenni-Furrer is a children‘s book author and illustrator. Together with her husband and two grown-up children, she lives in Lucerne‘s Seetal, in the middle of Switzerland. She got the idea for Mormels & Peppers Monster World during her children’s time in primary school. She noticed how quickly the initial joy and curiosity of learning mathematics faded. The joy returned when she startet packing the learing material into stories and games. This inspired her to develop Mormels & Peppers Monster World and turn math into a playful experience.