We are certified!

You can buy FSC™-certified products from us and promote them without any worries. This way, you, us and your customers can all contribute to responsible forest management, fair work practices and environmental protection. The certification applies to the entire supply chain.

Our ultimate goal is to leave behind a strong foundation for the next generation to continue building and shaping the world in a positive way.

Ask specifically for our FSC™-certified products!


We believe sustainability is about ensuring the conservation of climate and nature, as well as taking responsibility for all the people we work with and who trust us.

Our toys comply with all safety requirements and are regularly tested by independent laboratories. We work with our suppliers based on contracts that apply international core labour standards (ILO).

Our main production site has multiple certifications (BCSI, ICTI, FSC, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001), and it operates its own solar power system, water purification system, and dust filter system. We also aim to make a helpful contribution to society through fundraising campaigns and collaborations.

klimafairein leads projects in schools and daycare centers focused on climate and environmental education. beleduc would like to support it donating an amount for each item sold from the SAVE OUR PLANET series.

Product development

Longevity is rooted in the development process. This involves creating play concepts and variations that offer a high level of challenge, selecting sturdy and robust materials, and ensuring careful workmanship. It also involves designing toys that are timeless and lovingly crafted, providing additional materials and care instructions, and including repair options in the building instructions. Additionally, the themes of the toys should aim to teach children the importance of treating everything around us with respect.


Since the very beginning, we have made many of our games and puzzles using wood, which is a renewable raw material. Currently, some of our products are already available as FSC™-certified and we are constantly adding more to this range. Additionally, we offer products made from bamboo and Fasal. Our PolyM and sand range, which is made of plastic, is characterized by its particular stability and durability.

Packaging & shipping

Over 90% of our packaging is made of cardboard, which is easily recyclable. We use biodegradable soya ink for printing on the majority of our product packaging. We try to reduce the use of film and polybags and replace them with paper-based alternatives whenever possible. Honeycomb cardboard is used instead of polystyrene. To improve recyclability, adhesive labels have been replaced with easily separable paper inserts. Our large plush hedgehog ‚Oskar‘ is vacuum-packed, reducing its volume by 40% during transport. Our European central warehouse dispatches parcels in a CO²-neutral manner.

Playing for the future

PLAY EXPERIENCE LEARN - discover + learn through play. We always strive to be guided by our principles, especially regarding sustainability. These are for us as natural like playing in beleduc’s DNA:

  • Treating nature, people, and animals with appreciation.
  • Inspiration to develop products designed with love, crafted with care, and built to last so that they can be passed on to future generations.
  • Aiming to inspire children to care about biology, nature, technology, social interaction, environmental protection, and species conservation.
We are always exploring new ways to enhance our sustainability efforts. We are eager to work with our partners to investigate how we can support the circular economy and use materials with a high recycled content. Our ultimate goal is to leave behind a strong foundation for the next generation to continue building and shaping the world in a positive way.