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We are constantly working on expanding our product range and adjusting it to the demands of today's generation. One highlight of our current novelties are the pedagogically important Froebel boxes including a teacher guide and motif templates. 

Educational areas

We place great emphasis on the holistic approach to education and draw on the support of experienced educators.


The child learns the law of balance.


The child learns to grab and experiences the shape, size and character of the materials.


The child learns conscious perception by sight.


The child leanrs conscious perception by hearing.


The child leanrs to solve challenges on his own and to think in contexts.

We are

Children do not play to learn, but they learn, because they play.

Your best partner for promoting early childhood education - play and learn with fun. We offer innovative products and educational toys. Through diverse, complementary play concepts and play instructions, valuable learning products are created according to a holistic approach to education.

International education network from practice and science

Innovations and game concepts on the pulse of time

High-quality and robust for long play use

Own and innovative product development

Child-oriented promotion with a high fun factor in learning

Family business with social responsibility