Sum and divide: The play gifts are so well thought out that small building blocks are part of larger ones. This is how the first mathematics becomes comprehensible.


Grasping comes from comprehending. Spatial imagination is trained, eye-hand coordination is promoted.


Accompanying a playing child with care and attention. Supported by our quick start guide.

Free play

Social skills are strengthened in free play. Children can combine all play gifts and create their own worlds.

"The sources of all good is in play."

It was important to Fröbel to support children‘s play with care and attention through language. “Interaction as a basic didactic principle” we would say today. Playing with Fröbel gifts is located in the field of interaction between guidance by an adult and the free work and play of the children. In the mediation between these two poles in a co-constructive learning processes helps the children to acquire knowledge.

Play gift 1

The first toy of a child is, according to Fröbel, the ball.

Discover play gift 1

Play gift 2

The most famous play gift contains a roller, a cube and a ball. It promotes thinking in opposites.

DIscover play gift 2

Play gift 3

From play gift 3 Fröbel begins with the wooden building blocks. The first cube is 5x5x5 cm tall and divides into 8 small cubes.

Discover play gift 3

Play gift 4

The play gift 4 develops the 3rd: 8 cubes are changing into 8 cuboids.

Discover play gift 4

Play gift 5

The game continues to develop. From onwards the 5th the cube is 7.5x 7.5 x 7.5 cm in size and is divided into 21 dice, 6 half cubes and 12 quarter cubes.

Discover play gift 5

Play gift 5b

It goes back to Hermann Goldammer and is not original by Fröbel. It extends the range of building blocks with half-rolling and selcaled cubes.

Discover play gift 5b

Play gift 6

Again somewhat reduced in the fullness of shapes, the play gift 6 comes with 3 different varieties of cuboids.

Discover play gift 6

Additional material

FRÖBEL by beleduc is characterized by detailed additional material: Teacher Guide, Quick-Start-Guide, Fröbel-Diplom, ideas for a project week and much more.

Additional material

"I want to bring together what is divided – school and life must be one."

With the play gifts according to Friedrich Fröbel, the children can play both alone and in a group. You do not always have to accompany them. Let yourself be surprised what imaginative buildings can come out in free play. In order to be able to use the full depth of the gifts, we provide you with free additional material to start with immediately. Whether project week or quick start guide, let yourself be inspired by FRÖBEL by beleduc!

Start with Fröbel

Our Quick Start Guide gives an initial overview of Fröbel and its playings. So that the children can get started right away.

Quick-Start-Guide »

Project week Fröbel

Create an entire project week with the children on the topic of Fröbel. In this 10-page PDF we give you ideas and templates for every day.

Project week Fröbel »

Weekly plan Fröbel

The Fröbel week also includes this weekly plan, which can be printed for every child. Every day the child can see what it has already done and can tick it off.

Weekly plan »

Fröbel diploma

At the end of the project week, every child gets a Fröbel diploma with its name on it.

Fröbel diploma »