We are beleduc

Since over 60 years we develope educational and learning toys for children of kindergarten and preschool age. Beleduc stands for quality in toys. With our products generations of children shall play and explore additionally their skills. Children do not play to learn, but they learn, because they play.

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About us

We are a family-run company with a long tradition. For almost 60 years, we have been developing educational and learning toys for children of kindergarten and preschool age. Our goal is to provide children between the ages of two and seven with the best possible, holistic support. It is especially important to us to promote the joy of playing together and to teach a variety of skills. We place great value on a holistic approach to education.

"Children do not play to learn,
but they learn,
because they play."


Play · Experience · Learn - that is our philosophy. Because children learn automatically while they play. We want to specifically promote this with our holistic approach to learning. We develop toys that allow children to freely develop and expand their potential. Children should have a fantastic time with the products, playing, having fun and being excited, for as long as possible. That's why we focus on durability in our products.

Holistic development

The earlier a child's creativity and coordination skills are supported, the easier it will be later on to learn, solve tasks and develop their own ideas. Our products promote a variety of skills that a child should acquire between the ages of two and seven. We focus on six educational areas: science, mathematicslanguageartsomatics and social skills.

From now on we are certified!

That means, you can buy FSC™-certified products from us and promote them without any worries. This way, you, us and your customers can all contribute to responsible forest management, fair work practices and environmental protection. The certification applies to the entire supply chain.

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Playing for the future

PLAY EXPERIENCE LEARN - discover + learn through play. We always strive to be guided by our principles, especially regarding sustainability. These are for us as natural like playing in beleduc’s DNA:

  • Treating nature, people, and animals with appreciation.
  • Inspiration to develop products designed with love, crafted with care, and built to last so that they can be passed on to future generations.
  • Aiming to inspire children to care about biology, nature, technology, social interaction, environmental protection, and species conservation.
We are always exploring new ways to enhance our sustainability efforts. We are eager to work with our partners to investigate how we can support the circular economy and use materials with a high recycled content. Our ultimate goal is to leave behind a strong foundation for the next generation to continue building and shaping the world in a positive way.

Product development

In the beginning is the idea. For new products, we are inspired in particular by the children. Through close cooperation with educators and kindergartens, we receive ideas and impulses. The product idea is focused on a specific task. With the help of professional designers, the idea takes shape.

The product development team at beleduc works with passion, perseverance and a lot of attention to detail. Many large and small steps are necessary so that in the end a unique product is created to the page "From the idea to the finished product "The prototype is tested and evaluated in test kindergartens by educators in terms of tasks and promotion criteria. Last but not least, the final consumers - the children - themselves decide whether a prototype reaches the next stage in the product development process. In cooperation with our suppliers, we produce the first samples of the new product.

On the basis of these samples, we ensure that the new product meets our requirements in terms of functionality, play and learning effect, and comprehensibility as well as those for product safety and quality.
When all relevant criteria regarding play value and functionality as well as product safety and quality are met for the new product, it can be mass produced. At the end of the product development process, the product is ready for sale and encourages our children to discover and learn through play.

Quality and environmental compatibility

We develop high-quality products for kindergartens. We pay attention to careful processing of materials and exceptional stability and durability. In addition, our products should also be environmentally friendly, which is why we focus in particular on the material wood, - a renewable natural resource that is gentle on the environment and people. We also keep in mind where our materials come from and the energy efficiency in the manufacturing process.


Children should be able to discover their world in a carefree and playful way and not come to any harm in the process. That is why we attach great importance to the safety of our products. They not only meet the strict international requirements for toy safety, but go beyond them. We regularly have this certified by independent and renowned testing institutes.

Company history


The best product is no use if children don't like it. That's why we are particularly proud of our awards in which children sat on the jury. But the other awards also show us that we do high-quality work with a high demand for promotion potential in our products. Which is also recognized by expert juries.Thank you!