Nature and children

Nature and children

At beleduc, we are passionate about fostering interaction and connection between children and nature so that children can learn and develop. We believe that children who are in daily contact with nature are the perfect ambassadors for protecting and promoting environmental and climate-friendly initiatives.
"Children need nature and nature needs children" -  Michael Hall Larsen
At beleduc we are also curious about what research tells us, in particular Nordic research confirms that children who spend time in nature and are allowed to play and experiment in nature develop better motor skills, better attention, better problem solving and are healthier than children who do not spend much time in nature.

We want to help promote the holistic development of the child with play and learning environments. With our TopPlay product range, we now offer the same high level of play, experience and learning value, but now in a format that contributes to a quality outdoor play and learning environment. We recognize that children's play, experience and learning achieves good conditions when we move everyday activities outdoors and use them in a new and exciting way.

To pursue this important vision of nature education, we have begun a collaboration with Danish sustainability award-winning nature kindergarten expert Michael Hall Larsen. "In nature we learn with our whole body, with our hands, eyes, ears, brain and heart. Nature is a place where children can touch, feel and try things hands-on." (Michael Hall Larsen)

In nature, children gain experience through their interaction, their experiences, their wonder, their curiosity. Nature is the perfect learning environment, and from an educational perspective, nature offers many opportunities that stimulate the child's natural sense of wonder, sensory processing, and cognitive and motor development. The educational learning environment must also help ensure that all children have meaningful experiences with nature that develop their desire to explore nature and have the opportunity to experience a connection to nature that gives children a beginning understanding of the importance of sustainable development.

Our products for playing in nature:
Camping Car
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Mobile Gas- and Service Station
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Kiosk 4 in 1
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Mobile Greenhouse
The greenhouse for the whole year
Mobile Kitchen
Let´s bring the kitchen outside!