The new main catalog 2023 is here

The new main catalog 2023 is here

Our new main catalog for the year 2023 is here! With many innovative, exciting and new products. Discover our novelties with a holistic approach to education - in the various educational areas of art, somatics, social, math, language and science.

Our new puzzles!

There is something new from our popular NAWITO and HUMANICO series. With the new NAWITO "Animal Species" children discover the world of animals. How does the bear live, what does the parrot eat and what does the skeleton of the bee look like? In best beleduc quality with supplementary booklet with lots of additional information.
In our HUMANICO series, children can get to grips with the different "professions". Here it is a matter of assigning the right tools, cars and tasks to the right job. All with practical self-control: What doesn't fit, doesn't belong.
NAWITO "Animal species"
What eats the bear?
HUMANICO "Professions"
Which objects are used by which professions?

Educational toys in XXL!

Big - bigger - XXL. Our XXL assortment has also grown again. Our soil puzzles are complemented by the exciting puzzle "Discover the flower meadow". Here children can learn what crawls and creeps in the earth, which insects hide in the flowers up to the animals of the air. The special feature of our XXL floor puzzles: they can be puzzled individually and then put together. For more puzzle fun for everyone!
Also very large is now our classic game Punakai. The formerly small fish are now 12 cm tall and have our popular non-slip rubber play mat with them!
Floor puzzle "Discover the flower meadow"
Lots going on in the flower meadow!
XXL Punakai
Place the fish correctly!

New game ideas with cute illustrations!

In the games section we would like to introduce our new garden gnomes "Happy & Harmony". The two gnomes want to divide garden plots among themselves and need help. The players have to build fences strategically.
Our new game "Quaki" takes the players to the big lily pond. The frogs try to grab some tasty flies. But not every fly is magnetic and can be caught! An innovative new game idea!
Happy & Harmony
Funny gnomes conquer the garden
Catch the flies!

Play outdoors!

With our beleduc TopLine, play is moved outdoors. The TopTrike vehicles have been supplemented with the Maxi Scooter for the grown-ups and the fun Wheelie for the little ones. Perfect for the next course run or early traffic education.
For creative and mobile role play - indoors and outdoors - we have added a Camping Car to the TopPlay products. Simply the trend of the big ones brought into the kindergarten!
The Mobile Household Center can also be moved and impresses with a playable block that casts a new perspective on household chores from all sides and can be played with by many children at the same time. Cooking / baking, washing, ironing and high seat for the doll.
Scooter "Maxi"
The classic for the grown-ups!
Wheelie, 4er Set
A must have for every kindergarten and school yard.
Camping Car
Camping is trend!
Mobile Housekeeping Centre 4 in 1
Cooking/baking, washing, ironing and high chair for the doll!

A future model from the past!

Friedrich Fröbel - the founder of the first kindergarten in Germany - already recognized in the 19th century what we at beleduc also keep in mind: Children learn while they play. And this can be done with very clear tidy boxes with wooden building blocks. In our assortment you will now find the famous play gifts 1-6 according to Friedrich Fröbel. Reduce the stimuli of the children and observe - like once Fröbel - what they discover while playing. For a better introduction to the pedagogy of Friedrich Fröbel, we have worked with proven experts and developed a Teacherguide and template cards to help. Let's play and experience Fröbel in a new way!
Fröbel Set 1
Grasping comes from comprehending!
Fröbel Set 2
Everything begins with Fröbel!

We hope you enjoy our new catalog and the innovative new products for 2023.