Creative Worlds

Being creative is a fantastic pastime, which playfully enables children to make first experiences of being involved in creative processes. beleduc creative items are assorted carefully and aligned with the children’s needs. They provide much room for creativity and endless fun with doing handicraft work.

Heart Flake

item number: 50360
beleduc item number: 50360

Either as a colorful flower with heartshaped leaves for Mother's Day or as a snowflake for Christmas: the appealing design and the size offers creative possibilities year-round.

Dimensions: Ø 155 x 12 mm


Windchime “Ball”

item number: 50370
beleduc item number: 50370

The large surface with the engraved pattern can be decorated in various ways. The wind chimes sound soft in the wind.

Dimensions: 290 x 87 x 6 mm


Star Bell

item number: 50380
beleduc item number: 50380

The modernly worked star with modern pattern and the  bell gleams after beeing individually decorated.

Dimensions: 115 x 45 x 150 mm


Jingling Christmas Tree

item number: 50390
beleduc item number: 50390

With 22 cm the jingling Christmas tree  offers a  two-sided decoration surface and seven fitted bells.

Dimensions: 150 x 65 x 220 mm


Creative Star

item number: 50400
beleduc item number: 50400

The large surface of the star can be individually decorated as table decoration or as wall hanger, e.g. with a personal picture.

Dimensions: Ø 105 x 10 mm


3D Craft Set “Christmas Tree”

item number: 50410
beleduc item number: 50410

The different layers can be individually decorated before the big Christmas tree is put together. The craft kit with beads, stand and star contains a total of 21 wooden parts.

Dimensions: Ø 100 x 230 mm


Set of 12 Gelsticks

item number: 52030
beleduc item number: 52030

With our big glue stick you can clue paper, cards and photos perfectly.

Dimensions: Ø 30 x 121 mm

Age: 3+

Floating Ball Game

item number: 53020
beleduc item number: 53020

Fascinating! When Blowing  the ball it floats in the air and falls back onto the holder. This popular gift item delights all children.

Dimensions: 155 x 50 x 40 mm

Age: 4+


Inflating “Super Soft Ball”

item number: 53120
beleduc item number: 53120

The new Supersoft Ball from beleduc! With a diameter of 23 cm larger than most softballs. In appealing metallic blue. Perfect for all ball games and exercises, as gift item or deflated as Easter basket.

Dimensions: Ø 230 mm

Age: 3+


Jumping Rope

item number: 53130
beleduc item number: 53130

The new flexible jumping rope with a length of 260 cm can be shortened individually to the desired length. The soft handles offer a high level of safety.

Dimensions: 2600 x 25 x 25 mm

Age: 3+


Pocket Monsters “warm and cold”

item number: 53140
beleduc item number: 53140

Four Funny monsters can cool when needed and help to forget the pain very  quickly. During the cold season the little monsters become warming companions. The new technology of the heating and cooling pearls in the pillows is specially  suitable for children.

Dimensions: each 95 x 120 x 15 mm

Age: 3+


Green Sand Bucket

item number: 53150
beleduc item number: 53150

The robust sand bucket in modern design is perfekt for any sandbox. It can also be used as a container for writing utensil, flower pot, easter basket or for any other ideas you may have.

Dimensions: Ø 130 x 100 mm

Age: 3+


Watering Can

item number: 53160
beleduc item number: 53160

The high-quality watering can with it's functional and modern design offers play fun as well as creative room for other possibilities of use.

Dimensions: 125 x 85 x 80 mm

Age: 3+


Set of 2 Rake + Shovel

item number: 53170
beleduc item number: 53170

As a sand set at or as a gift item in connection with our new green sand bucket or watering can. 

Dimensions: ca. 190 x 80 x 40 mm

Age: 3+


Set of 5 Multi-Trucks

item number: 66120
beleduc item number: 66120

For playing in the group, garden or sandbox. The new Multi-Truck in a set of 5 complements our exclusive sand line.

Dimensions: each 185 x 145 x 160 mm

Age: 3+


Set of 72 Smooth Painter

item number: 52040
beleduc item number: 52040

Painters with a twist! With this group set children can paint beautiful pictures without getting their hands dirty. Due to the turning mechanism these pens do without spilling or smearing. With the smooth painters drawing on Paper, Cardboard, wood and other materials is easy and clean.

Dimensions: Ø 20 x 92 mm

Age: 3+


Set of 12 Smooth Metallic Painter

item number: 52050
beleduc item number: 52050

Metallic colours in pen form! With these pens children can draw like with poster paint but without spilling or smearing. The Smooth Metallic Painters add a beautiful metallic effect to pictures. 

Dimensions: Ø 20 x 92 mm

Age: 3+


Set of 12 Smooth Textile Painter

item number: 52060
beleduc item number: 52060

The set of 12 with which also fabric can be painted. Simply iron for some minutes and the colour will be even washable up to 60°. Like this clothes and fabric can be designed individually. 

Dimensions: Ø 20 x 92 mm

Age: 3+