Classroom Equipment

Smart Bench

Item Number: 68000
beleduc Item Number: 68000
Teachers can have a comfortable sitting position and are able to assist children as they put on jackets and shoes with the help of the Smart Bench. The Smart Bench also offers a side handle that offers a secure hold for the child.
Size: 830 x 600 x 780 mm

Boot Taker

Item Number: 68010
beleduc Item Number: 68010

The Boot Taker helps children take off their shoes and boots on their own. It is useable from both sides, so that two kids can take off their shoes at the same time.

Size: 400 x 390 x 600 mm

Clothes and Boot Hanger

Item Number: 68020
beleduc Item Number: 68020

The Clothes and Boot Hanger offers space for up to twelve jackets and kindergarten bags. Additionally, twelve pairs of shoes or boots can be put on the provided rack. With the metal tube water and dirt can be caught. Two lockable castors ensure an easy moving and a secure stand of the Clothes and Boot Hanger.

Size: 1110 x 400 x 1200 mm

Boot Hanger

Item Number: 68030
beleduc Item Number: 68030

The Boot Hanger holds 30 pairs of shoes or boots. The metal tub catches water and dirt.

Size: 1110 x 400 x 980 mm

Drying Shelf

Item Number: 68120
beleduc Item Number: 68120

The Drying Shelf has 25 layers and holds 25 sheets in DIN A3 format or 50 sheets in DIN A4 format. With the four practical and two lockable castors, it can be flexible moved in the room and ensures a secure stand.

Size: 460 x 330 x 980 mm