Castle Floor Element

With our 6 "Castle" elements, the youngest can explore the "life on a castle" while playing. Each element includes a wide variety of different functions, which - thanks to their attractive design - are very enticing for children. Whether assembled as a rondel (all 6 elements) or as a set of 3 elements, we offer 3 different assembling methods for the elements, according to the space available. Additionally, with a separate fixation set the elements can be mounted on the wall. The Castle Floor Element is perfectly suitable for children facilities, and waiting rooms and group rooms. We developed the elements considering aspects of eary childhood development, and they combine fun and educational advancement. There is a lot to discover. There are no limits to the children's imagination. Whether they want to go and chase small ghosts or provide musical entertainment on the castle, here they can develop freely.

Castle Floor Element

Item Number: 27003
beleduc Item Number: 27003
This set offers 3 different assembling methods: Rondel, Shape of Bone, Shape of Star.

Content: castle door element, motor activity element, music element, clown element, mirror element, turning wheel element, 1 assembling instruction, 36 connectors, 24 screws, 1 Allen key

Encourages: Motor Skills, Cognition, Communication, Motor Activity, Music

Wall Fixation Equipment

Item Number: 27007
beleduc Item Number: 27007
The wall fixation equipment is only available for Set 1 (Item Number 27003).
Content: 24 connectors, 48 screws, 1 Allen key