Physical Activity Toys

Physical Activity Toys

Our physical activity toys offer much playing fun for the children!

Playing with "Hula Hoops, Play Tunnel and Co." is big fun both outdoors when the sun is shining and even in the gym during rainy days. While playing together or mastering courses, social behaviour and cooperation are fostered.

Giant Truck

Item Number 66000
beleduc Item Number 66000

Size: 620 x 390 x 360 mm

Age: 24M+

The Giant Truck inspires both young and old. The youngest children can use this great truck as a walker. For older children it is a fantastic companion in the sandbox. The big and solid truck can be loaded with 100 kilogrammes of weight without any problems.

Clear Tunnel

Item Number 67010
beleduc Item Number 67010

Size: Diameter approx. 600 x 2000 mm

Age: 12M+

With the Clear Tunnel, children can train crawling easily. The sturdy Clear Tunnel is a great activity for nursery and kindergarten children. Thanks to its transparency, there is no fear of darkness with the children, which motivates them to observe their environment as well. In addition, fear of narrow spaces is taken away from the children in this way.

Turning Table

Item Number 67000
beleduc Item Number 67000

Size: Diameter 610 x 265 mm

Age: 3+

With the Turning Table, the fun increases round by round. The Turning Table is particularly suitable for training and experiencing balance and body perception. Whether sitting or lying, the Turning Table is a challenge for every child.


Item Number 64160
beleduc Item Number 64160

Size: Diameter 600 x 900 mm

Age: 3+

With the "Digger" kids rock the sandbox! The seat offers a 360 degree turning function, so that children can dig from all sides with the robust steel shovel. The feet provide a secure footing, as they can dig deeply into the ground.


Item Number 64090
beleduc Item Number 64090

Size: 885 x 405 x 430 mm

Age: 4-10

The big and solid Wheelbarrow cannot be missed in any sandbox. Its high capacity makes it possible to load, transport and unload large amounts of sand. Thus, the needs of little sand castle builders are well catered for.

Orienting Shooter

Item Number 67020
beleduc Item Number 67020

Size: 740 x 760 x 880 mm

Age: 3+

With the Orienting Shooter kids learn how to aim and throw the ball. It helps to develop gross motor skills and eye-hand-coordination. It is especially practical that the ball automatically rolls back to the player when scored.

Transport Cage

Item Number 68040
beleduc Item Number 68040

Size: 1170 x 750 x 890 mm

The sturdy Transport Cage is perfect for storing sand toys, balls and other sports equipment. With its lockable castors the position of the transport cage can be easily moved from the gym to outdoor areas. Without divider.

Set of 4 Balls

Item Number: 67050
beleduc Item Number: 67050

Balls foster different areas of education as coordination, concentration and cooperation and can be used in a variety of ways in kindergarten. Due to their maximum grip surface children can easily grab them with their hands.

Size: Ø 250 mm, Ø 210 mm, Ø 170 mm, Ø 120 mm

Age: 3+

Multi Moves

Item Number: 67061
beleduc Item Number: 67061
Sand balls with different weigths and sizes invite children to estimate, balance, massage and to throw them. This helps to foster motoric skills and coordination in a playful way.
Size: Ø 95 mm

Age: 3+


Item Number: 67070
beleduc Item Number: 67070
The set offers a playful introduction of bowling.

Content: 6 pins, 1 bowling ball, 1 play math

Dimensions: 310 x 320 x 95 mm 

Age: 4+

Net Ball

Item Number: 67080
beleduc Item Number: 67080
The two hand trampolines can be used as a funny setback game as well as for indivual playing. Especially the hand-eye-coordination will be trained.

Content: 2 hand trampoline, 3 balls

Dimensions: 310 x 340 x 40 mm (im Netz)

Age: 4+

Animal Feet

Item Number: 67090
beleduc Item Number: 67090
Slipping easily and fast into the animal feet and you can make big traces in the sand.

Content: 2 animal feet

Dimensions: 280 x 310 x 45 mm 

Age: 4+

Throwing Discs

Item Number: 67100
beleduc Item Number: 67100
The set of three frisbees impresses due to its exceptionally good quality (tear- and scratchproof), so a long period of gaming fun is guaranteed.

Content: 3 throwing discs

Dimensions: 200 x 220 x 35mm 

Age: 4+

Jump & Throw

Item Number: 67110
beleduc Item Number: 67110
The set offers a lot of different game variations – all about jumping, throwing and having fun.

Content: 10 numbered rings, 3 bean bags 

Dimensions: 330 x 350 x 100 mm (im Netz)

Age: 4+