Item Number: 67070
beleduc Item Number: 67070

The set offers a playful introduction of bowling.

Content: 6 pins, 1 bowling ball, 1 play math

Dimensions: 310 x 320 x 95 mm 

Age: 4+

Net Ball

Item Number: 67080
beleduc Item Number: 67080

The two hand trampolines can be used as a funny setback game as well as for indivual playing. Especially the hand-eye-coordination will be trained.

Content: 2 hand trampoline, 3 balls

Dimensions: 310 x 340 x 40 mm (im Netz)

Age: 4+

Animal Feet

Item Number: 67090
beleduc Item Number: 67090

Slipping easily and fast into the animal feet and you can make big traces in the sand.

Content: 2 animal feet

Dimensions: 280 x 310 x 45 mm 

Age: 4+

Throwing Discs

Item Number: 67100
beleduc Item Number: 67100

The set of three frisbees impresses due to its exceptionally good quality (tear- and scratchproof), so a long period of gaming fun is guaranteed.

Content: 3 throwing discs

Dimensions: 200 x 220 x 35mm 

Age: 4+

Jump & Throw

Item Number: 67110
beleduc Item Number: 67110

The set offers a lot of different game variations – all about jumping, throwing and having fun.

Content: 10 numbered rings, 3 bean bags 

Dimensions: 330 x 350 x 100 mm (im Netz)

Age: 4+