4 Seasons

Item Number: 17150
beleduc Item Number: 17150

The layer-puzzles „A Whole Story“ invite children to talk about the subject provided by the puzzle. In that way children improve their language skills, perception and the recognition of relationships.

Dimensions: 287 x 140 x 18 mm

Age: 4+

Piece Count: 36

XXL Learning Puzzle “Airport”

Item Number: 11140
beleduc Item Number: 11140

Our XXL Learning Puzzle takes children on a fascinating air travel. Beginning with the check-in and the safety control to the baggabe drop and the flight itself to the landing in the country of destination the most important stations of an air travel are shown. With the aid of the magnifying glass children can discover different items. 

Dimensions: Ø 490 x 6 mm

Age: 4+

Piece Count: 49

Cognito “Shapes”

Item Number: 11540
beleduc Item Number: 11540

This game develops the recognition and association of two- and three-dimensional shapes. The child recognises a two-dimensional shape and allocates this to the matching three-dimensional shape. 

Dimensions: 149 x 100 x 60 mm

Age: 4+

Piece Count: 20

Cognito “Animal Habitats”

Item Number: 11550
beleduc Item Number: 11550

This game develops the logical association of animals, their habitats and tracks.

Dimensions: 204 x 100 x 60 mm

Age: 4+

Piece Count: 30