XXL Games

XXL Hexenküche

Item Number: 25520
beleduc Item Number: 25520
The little potion brewing experts search under the mushrooms for the dots in the same colour as the colour that comes up on the die. If the colour under the mushroom is the same as that shown by the thrown die, the player may put the mushroom into his/her own cauldron. If it does not match the colour that comes up on the die, the mushroom is put back on the turntable. The other children memorise where the colour is in case they need it in the next round. The first player to fill his/her cauldron with 7 mushrooms is the champion potion brewer.

Content: 1 wooden board with turntable, 28 wooden mushrooms, 1 die with colours, 1 cotton bag

Age: 4+

Players: 2-4

Encourages: Colours, Motor Skills, Cognition

XXL Candy

Item Number: 25560
beleduc Item Number: 25560
41 sweets are laying mixed up on the pad. The players throw three colour dice and need to find the sweet with the right combination of colours that is shown on the dice. There are three different ways to play and win the game.

Content: 41 coloured wooden sweets (1 sweet approx. 130 mm), 1 pad, 3 colour dice

Age: 4+

Players: 1-8

Encourages: Cognition, Colours, Social Behaviour

XXL Torreta

Item Number: 25512
beleduc Item Number: 25512
The children use either the colour die or the die with dots. Depending on the colour or number of dots that come up when the die is thrown, the children build towers and the winner is the one who stacks the bricks skilfully and produces the highest tower.

Content: 25 wooden bricks (20 - 100 mm), 1 colour die, 1 die with dots

Age: 4+

Players: 2-4

Encourages: Coordination, Motor Skills, Colours, Numbers, Quantities, Shapes

XXL Pomela

Item Number: 25514
beleduc Item Number: 25514
The players are taking one or two fruit pickers in their hands, depending on whether they play on their own or in pairs. They get a jam jar for every apple which they can balance into the basket.

Content: 1 wooden apple tree (700 x 520 mm), 2 fruit pickers, 10 wooden apples, 20 jam jars 1 basket

Age: 4+

Players: 1-4

Encourages: Social Behaviour, Motor Skills, Coordination, Cognition

XXL Rondo Vario

Item Number: 25550
beleduc Item Number: 25550

The children need to find the correct shape and colour among the wooden pieces. The two dice show the combination for the piece that need to be threaded onto the caterpillar. Whoever gets six wooden pieces onto their caterpillar first wins. 

Content: 4 caterpillars, 42 wooden shapes, 1 symbol dice, 1 colour dice

Dimensions: 325 x 285 x 86 mm

Age: 24M+

Players: 1-4

Develops: fine motor skills, reactions, recognising and naming shapes and colours


XXL Find Monty!

Item Number: 25580
beleduc Item Number: 25580

While cat Monty was hiding from the dog, he has made a big mess at the bedroom. He threw the pillows and the blanket on the carpet...but where is he now? Describe Monty's hiding place or reconstruct it using pillows, blanket and the bed! That way not only the spatial perception but also language development is supported.

Content: 1 cat, 1 bed, 1 pillow, 1 blanket, 34 photo cards, 1 wooden board, 1 symbol dice

Dimensions: 322 x 232 x 100 mm

Age: 4+

Players: 2-5




Item Number: 23654
beleduc Item Number: 23654
The extra handy design of both figures and game board not only provide a fun playing experience to children but persons with physical impairments as well. 

Content: 1 game board (500 x 500 x 12 mm), 12 figures (Diameter 30 mm x Height 60 mm), 1 Die

Age: 3+

Players: 2-4

Encourages: Colours, Motor Skills, Coordination, Cognition