Creative Worlds & Gifts

Creative Worlds & Gifts

Set of 5 Finger Balls

Item Number: 21110
beleduc Item Number: 21110
A fascinating, three-dimensional puzzle, which offers a feeling of success even for smaller kids. Each coloured ball needs to be pressed into a same-coloured circle. As one of the holes is always empty all the balls can be changed among each other.

Content: 5 Finger Balls

Dimensions: Ø 64 mm

Age: 5+

Players: 1+

Set of 24 Cotton Handpuppets

Item Number: 40028
beleduc Item Number: 40028

Dimensions: 240 x 200 mm

Material: cotton

Set of 12 Fabric Markers

Item Number: 40152
beleduc Item Number: 40152
Dimensions: Ø 16 mm x 110

Wooden Bottle Opener

Item Number: 40603
beleduc Item Number: 40603

Dimensions: 60 x 100 mm

2 styles, mixed packed


Item Number: 40616
beleduc Item Number: 40616

Dimensions: 510 x 410 mm

Material: synthetic fibre

Length of the cord: 25 m

Green Sand Bucket

Item Number: 53150
beleduc Item Number: 53150
The robust sand bucket in modern design is perfekt for any sandbox. It can also be used as a container for writing utensil, flower pot, easter basket or for any other ideas you may have.
Dimensions: Ø 130 x 100 mm

Age: 3+


Set of Passport Photo Frames

Item Number: 40654
beleduc Item Number: 40654
Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 60 mm

Watering Can

Item Number: 53160
beleduc Item Number: 53160
The high-quality watering can with it's functional and modern design offers play fun as well as creative room for other possibilities of use.
Dimensions: 125 x 85 x 80 mm

Age: 3+



Item Number: 40697
beleduc Item Number: 40697

Dimensions: 150 x 60 x 105 mm

7 parts

Bird Stop

Item Number: 40709
beleduc Item Number: 40709
Dimensions: 185 x 220 x 20 mm

Set of 5 Multi-Trucks

Item Number: 66120
beleduc Item Number: 66120
For playing in the group, garden or sandbox. The new Multi-Truck in a set of 5 complements our exclusive sand line.
Dimensions: each 185 x 145 x 160 mm

Age: 3+


Set of 72 Smooth Painter

Item Number: 52040
beleduc Item Number: 52040
Painters with a twist! With this group set children can paint beautiful pictures without getting their hands dirty. Due to the turning mechanism these pens do without spilling or smearing. With the smooth painters drawing on Paper, Cardboard, wood and other materials is easy and clean.
Dimensions: Ø 20 x 92 mm

Age: 3+


Christmas Tree including Pendants

Item Number: 40718
beleduc Item Number: 40718
Dimensions: 165 x 150 x 40 mm

Set of 25 Massage Balls

Item Number: 40721
beleduc Item Number: 40721

Dimensions: Ø 100 mm

Material: plastic

including pump

Tealight Holder "Star"

Item Number: 40742
beleduc Item Number: 40742
Dimensions: Ø 135 mm

Wooden Photo Frame

Item Number: 40750
beleduc Item Number: 40750

Dimensions: 110 x 110 x 10 mm

including 2 different self-adhesive flower styles

Wooden Key House

Item Number: 40754
beleduc Item Number: 40754
Dimensions: 300 x 170 x 20 mm

Set of 12 Smooth Textile Painter

Item Number: 52060
beleduc Item Number: 52060
The set of 12 with which also fabric can be painted. Simply iron for some minutes and the colour will be even washable up to 60°. Like this clothes and fabric can be designed individually.
Dimensions: Ø 20 x 92 mm

Age: 3+


Foam Stickers "Motifs"

Item Number: 40762
beleduc Item Number: 40762

Box: Ø 110 x 150 mm

Material: EVA foam

400 pieces, self-adhesive

Foam Stickers "Letters"

Item Number: 40767
beleduc Item Number: 40767

Box: Ø 110 x 150 mm

Material: EVA foam

400 pieces, self-adhesive

Pencil Holder with Photo Frame

Item Number: 40781
beleduc Item Number: 40781

Dimensions: 45 x 95 x 125 mm

with 5 self-adhesive wooden parts

Set of 6 Easter Decorations

Item Number: 40836
beleduc Item Number: 40836
Dimensions: 80 x 50 mm

Kid's Backpack

Item Number: 40902
beleduc Item Number: 40902

Dimensions: 330 x 260 mm

Material. cotton

Pencil Case

Item Number: 40905
beleduc Item Number: 40905

Dimensions: 250 x 100 x 10 mm

Material: cotton

mixed packed

zipper in 4 colours (red, yellow, green, black)

Kid's Apron

Item Number: 40911
beleduc Item Number: 40911

Dimensions: 430 x 550 mm

Material: cotton

Robber Bag

Item Number: 40917
beleduc Item Number: 40917

Dimensions: 170 x 200 mm

Material: cotton

Cook's Cap

Item Number: 40929
beleduc Item Number: 40929

Dimensions: 220 x 250 mm

Material: cotton

width adjustable

Set of 2 Key Pendants

Item Number: 50120
beleduc Item Number: 50120

Dimensions: 110 x 55 x 10 mm

2 styles

Heart Clip

Item Number: 50130
beleduc Item Number: 50130
Dimensions: 82 x 80 mm

Set of 2 Decoration Corks "Heart & Flower"

Item Number: 50132
beleduc Item Number: 50132

Dimensions: 60 x 90 mm

2 styles

Tealight Holder "Spring"

Item Number: 50134
beleduc Item Number: 50134

Dimensions: 120 x 110 x 25 mm

2 styles, mixed packed

Tealight Holder "Snow Man"

Item Number: 50135
beleduc Item Number: 50135
Dimensions: 72 x 115 x 9 mm

Tealight "Snowflake"

Item Number: 50136
beleduc Item Number: 50136
Dimensions: Ø 110 x 9 mm

Braiding Motif "Star"

Item Number: 50138
beleduc Item Number: 50138
Dimensions: Ø 150 x 3 mm

Braiding Motif "Bell"

Item Number: 50139
beleduc Item Number: 50139
Dimensions: 120 x 150 x 3 mm

Mini Dresser

Item Number: 50141
beleduc Item Number: 50141
The perfect gift for Mother's or Father's Day. Dad has a tidy desk again and mum does not need to look for needle and thread anymore.
Size: 80 x 75 x 110 mm

Christmas Sleigh

Item Number: 50143
beleduc Item Number: 50143
As a decoration accessory in the pre-Christmas time or as a deliverer of small presents on Christmas Eve, this Christmas courier makes everyone happy.
Dimensions: 162 x 82 x 77 mm


Item Number: 50150
beleduc Item Number: 50150
Mirror, mirror… a special way to show your mum how much you love her. Also suitable as a photo frame.
Size: 125 x 40 x 125 mm

Set of 6 Wooden Clips “Spring”

Item Number: 50160
beleduc Item Number: 50160
Decoration easy to do! Whether being used for photo garlands, as clips for gifts or for decorating flower pots, our clips “spring” fit nearly every creative occasion.
Size: approx. 41 x 12 x 45 mm

6 motifs

Set of 3 Spring Pendants

Item Number: 50170
beleduc Item Number: 50170
Whether being used as a window or door decoration – these pendants bring the spring to your home.
Size: 200 x 100 x 5 mm (heart), 200 x 100 x 5 mm (flower 1), 200 x 105 x 5 mm (flower 2)

3 motifs

House of Lights

Item Number: 50200
beleduc Item Number: 50200
A great multi-purpose house for pens and smaller utensils. Laminated with parchment paper from the inside and equipped with a LED tealight, it will become a fantastic house of lights.
Size: 110 x 100 x 145 mm

Memo Clip “Heart”

Item Number: 50210
beleduc Item Number: 50210
Painted with nice colours, this memo clip is an eye catcher for pictures, business cards or notes.
Dimensions: 90 × 35 × 135 mm

Memo Clip “Star”

Item Number: 50220
beleduc Item Number: 50220
Short messages or important appointments – with this memo clip you beautify the winter time.
Dimensions: 90 × 35 × 145 mm

Tealight Holder “Shooting Star”

Item Number: 50230
beleduc Item Number: 50230
This tealight holder brings a Christmas atmosphere and cosy moments.
Dimensions: 200 × 100 × 8 mm

Set of 3 Winter Pendants

Item Number: 50240
beleduc Item Number: 50240
The winter time is the time to be creative! With our winter pendants you can give a festive touch to almost everything.


80 × 80 × 3 mm (Heart)
85 × 95 × 3 mm (Tree)
65 × 110 × 3 mm (Snowman)


Item Number: 50250
beleduc Item Number: 50250
Wonderful festival of lights for the senses – Whether for house or garden, a lampion walk or as a Christmas decoration – our lantern is just perfect for any occasion.
Dimensions: 120 × 120 × 140 mm

Set of 20 Scatter Decorations

Item Number: 50260
beleduc Item Number: 50260
These little pieces of decoration give every table an individual touch.

Dimensions: 30 × 30 × 1 mm

incl. 10 self-adhesive dots, 5 styles, each 4 pieces

Jumping Jack "Santa Claus"

Item Number: 50270
beleduc Item Number: 50270
Create your own funny Santa Claus! Dress him the way you like!

Dimensions: 200 x 160 x 12 mm (without string)


Jumping Jack "Bear"

Item Number: 50280
beleduc Item Number: 50280
This Jumping Jack invites you to play. Individually painted it is an eye-catcher in every children’s room.

Dimensions: 200 x 160 x 12 mm (without string)


Set of 3 Christmas Pendants

Item Number: 50290
beleduc Item Number: 50290
Winter time is Christmas time! With our great Christmas Pendants you can make your Christmas tree look unique.
each: Ø 70 x 4 mm ( without string)

Photo Frame "Winter"

Item Number: 50310
beleduc Item Number: 50310
A picture is worth a thousand words. This Photo Frame embellishes your home during winter time.
Dimensions: 120 x 40 x 155 mm

Key Holder "Guardian Angel"

Item Number: 50320
beleduc Item Number: 50320
Your personal Guardian Angel is always on your or a friend’s side.
Dimensions: Ø 100 x 5 mm

Set of 3 Star Pendants

Item Number: 50340
beleduc Item Number: 50340
Whether as a decoration for the Christmas tree or as a gift pendant – these pendants are perfectly suitable for the Christmas season.
Dimensions: 60x100 mm

Set of 3 Disc Pendants

Item Number: 503450
beleduc Item Number: 503450
You can create funny motifs with the wooden discs. How about creating a caterpillar, a Christmas tree or  another motif? There are no limits to your imagination.
Dimensions: 60x100 mm

Heart Flake

Item Number: 50360
beleduc Item Number: 50360
Either as a colorful flower with heartshaped leaves for Mother's Day or as a snowflake for Christmas: the appealing design and the size offers creative possibilities year-round.
Dimensions: Ø 155 x 12 mm


Windchime “Ball”

Item Number: 50370
beleduc Item Number: 50370
The large surface with the engraved pattern can be decorated in various ways. The wind chimes sound soft in the wind.
Dimensions: 290 x 87 x 6 mm


Star Bell

Item Number: 50380
beleduc Item Number: 50380
The modernly worked star with modern pattern and the  bell gleams after beeing individually decorated.
Dimensions: 115 x 45 x 150 mm


Jingling Christmas Tree

Item Number: 50390
beleduc Item Number: 50390
With 22 cm the jingling Christmas tree  offers a  two-sided decoration surface and seven fitted bells.
Dimensions: 150 x 65 x 220 mm


Creative Star

Item Number: 50400
beleduc Item Number: 50400
The large surface of the star can be individually decorated as table decoration or as wall hanger, e.g. with a personal picture.
Dimensions: Ø 105 x 10 mm


3D Craft Set “Christmas Tree”

Item Number: 50410
beleduc Item Number: 50410
The different layers can be individually decorated before the big Christmas tree is put together. The craft kit with beads, stand and star contains a total of 21 wooden parts.
Dimensions: Ø 100 x 230 mm


Advent Calendar

Item Number: 51106
beleduc Item Number: 51106

Dimensions: 100 x 115 mm

Material: cotton

24 parts

500 Pairs Self-Adhesive Eyes

Item Number: 52006
beleduc Item Number: 52006

Dimensions: Ø 95 mm

Material: plastic

6 styles, self-adhesive

Set of 10 Multipens

Item Number: 52010
beleduc Item Number: 52010
Dimensions: Ø 16 × 130 mm

Set of 24 Rainbow Pencils

Item Number: 52020
beleduc Item Number: 52020
Children love to draw with pens of different colours. This magic pen contains various colours at one time and makes the children’s eyes shine.
Dimensions: Ø 10 × 175 mm


Set of 12 Gelsticks

Item Number: 52030
beleduc Item Number: 52030
With our big glue stick you can clue paper, cards and photos perfectly.
Dimensions: Ø 30 x 121 mm

Age: 3+

Set of 12 Smooth Metallic Painter

Item Number: 52050
beleduc Item Number: 52050
Metallic colours in pen form! With these pens children can draw like with poster paint but without spilling or smearing. The Smooth Metallic Painters add a beautiful metallic effect to pictures.
Dimensions: Ø 20 x 92 mm

Age: 3+


Set of 10 Tempera Colours

Item Number: 52080
beleduc Item Number: 52080
Aso available individually.

52070 Tempera Colour “White”
52071 Tempera Colour “Yellow”
52072 Tempera Colour “Orange”
52073 Tempera Colour “Red”
52074 Tempera Colour “Magenta”
52075 Tempera Colour “Dark Green”
52076 Tempera Colour “Light Green”
52077 Tempera Colour “Dark Blue”
52078 Tempera Colour “Light Blue”
52079 Tempera Colour “Black”

Dimensions: je Ø 80 x 220 mm (1 l)

Age: 4+



Set of 2 Gold-Silver Tempera Colours

Item Number: 52081
beleduc Item Number: 52081
Dimensions: je Ø 80 x 220 mm (1 l)

Age: 4+



Flower Pot

Item Number: 53007
beleduc Item Number: 53007

Size: Ø 100 x 85 mm

Material: plastic

incl. 3 templates + 1 blank template

Floating Ball Game

Item Number: 53020
beleduc Item Number: 53020
Fascinating! When Blowing  the ball it floats in the air and falls back onto the holder. This popular gift item delights all children.
Dimensions: 155 x 50 x 40 mm

Age: 4+


Clay Mix

Item Number: 53040
beleduc Item Number: 53040
Coloured Clay and funny cutters invite the children to play and experiment.
Dimensions: Ø 92 x 90 mm

Age: 3+



Set of 2 Sun Blinds

Item Number: 53110
beleduc Item Number: 53110
In this way, mum and dad’s car will become a real eye-catcher. The sun blinds can be painted with our textile markers (item no. 40152).
Size: 445 x 365 x 3 mm (each sun blind), Ø 36 x 30 mm (each cupping vessel)

Inflating “Super Soft Ball”

Item Number: 53120
beleduc Item Number: 53120
The new Supersoft Ball from beleduc! With a diameter of 23 cm larger than most softballs. In appealing metallic blue. Perfect for all ball games and exercises, as gift item or deflated as Easter basket.
Dimensions: Ø 230 mm

Age: 3+


Jumping Rope

Item Number: 53130
beleduc Item Number: 53130
The new flexible jumping rope with a length of 260 cm can be shortened individually to the desired length. The soft handles offer a high level of safety.
Dimensions: 2600 x 25 x 25 mm

Age: 3+


Pocket Monsters “warm and cold”

Item Number: 53140
beleduc Item Number: 53140
Four Funny monsters can cool when needed and help to forget the pain very  quickly. During the cold season the little monsters become warming companions. The new technology of the heating and cooling pearls in the pillows is specially  suitable for children.
Dimensions: each 95 x 120 x 15 mm

Age: 3+


Paint Apron, 550 mm

Item Number: 68050
beleduc Item Number: 68050
The material of the Paint Apron is waterproof and colour proof to protect the child´s clothes. The Paint Apron can easily be put on or taken off with its hook
and loop closure. It is machine washable at up to 40 degrees Celsius for convenient cleaning.
Size: 1000 x 550 mm

Paint Apron, 650 mm

Item Number: 68060
beleduc Item Number: 68060
The material of the Paint Apron is waterproof and colour proof to protect the child´s clothes. The Paint Apron can easily be put on or taken off with its hook
and loop closure. It is machine washable at up to 40 degrees Celsius for convenient cleaning.
Size: 1250 x 650 mm

200pcs of Paper (150g/m²)

Item Number: 68502
beleduc Item Number: 68502
Dimensions: Ø 350 mm

Age: 4+



Set of 12 Closed-Cups

Item Number: 53030
beleduc Item Number: 53030

The closed cups from beleduc do protect all kind of glasses and cups from expiring or penetrating of insects while covering them by a vacuum.
The closed cups are also dishwasher safe and fit to almost all available standard sizes of cups and glasses.

Dimensions: Ø 105 x 30 mm

Age: 3+