Our Philosophy


With our products, we would like to reach as many children on all continents as possible. For this wish to come true, we represent ourselves regularly on toy shows in many countries and strive to find new partners for our ideas and products.


Cultivating long term partnerships with our customers, distribution partners and suppliers have a central meaning to us. In this way, we achieve to make our common ideas and visions come true. Personal relations with our partners are important for us. We have individual contact persons for our customers and suppliers. We value open and constructive communication. This enables us to take into account our customers' individual requests and work with them for reliable concepts and solutions.

Product development

We would like to develop products that convey knowledge to our children and teach them skills and abilities with fun and enjoyment. In this process, we work closely together with pedagogues. Not least, it is our children to have their say about whether a product can be placed on the market. All our products are tested in the kindergartens by the little experts.


We would like our children to explore the world playfully and light-heartedly. Therefore, product safety is of utmost importance for us. Not only do our products meet the strict international requirements for the safety of toys but exceed them. This is certified by independent and renowned test laboratories on a regular basis.


In order to provide for a durable use of our products in kindergartens, an outstanding quality is needed. Therefore, we place great emphasis on high quality materials and their accurate manufacture.

Environmental safety

We wish that our products are safe for the environment. For our products, we use wood to a great extent, a natural renewable resource that preserves both the environment and the people. The origin of the raw materials is as critical to us as the energy efficiency in the manufacturing process.

Social responsibility

It is at our heart to take responsibility for the people being involved in manufacturing and distributing our products. We are glad that we can employ people from the region at our main office. With our suppliers from abroad we require that the workers and employees will find safe working conditions, appropriate compensation and that their social well-being is taken care of. Unfortunately, not every child can grow up equally well and light-heartedly. Therefore, we support many small social projects locally as well as wider projects abroad.